Vacances à Lacanau

Surfing spots Lacanau

- La Barrière : this spot takes its name from the forest barrier that blocks access to the track. There are waves for everyone, and the slogans are conviviality and sharing. Here, if a spike is already used by four or five surfers, choose  another one which is just nearby. - Le Lion : accessible by car and bike, this quiet site offers a multitude of changing spots. The waves are usually filled with people in front of the aid...

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Quality of the sea water in Lacanau

Swell, offshore wind, sandbanks, tunnel ... A terminology that is not new to surfers, who must know the sea and its specificities before setting off on the crests of the tumultuous waves of the ocean. What makes Lacanau famous from the point of view of surfing is not the width of its beaches or the quality of sunshine, but it is indeed the quality of the waves! With each passion its center of interest!The first thing to know for a...

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Surfing Schools Lacanau

Here is a list of surf schools in Lacanau Océan to find the surf course that suits you, for beginners, advanced, private lessons or rental.AOLA SURF SCHOOL - 2 place de la Concorde - Tél : 05 56 03 53 72 - Portable : 06 60 21 99 99web site :  www.aolasurfschool.com - Page Facebook : Aola Surf School - E-mail : aolasurf@gmail.comopening period : April to October - opening time : 9h - 18hAola Surf School - Ecole de...

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Surfing in Lacanau

It is incontestable that a major part of Lacanau's reputation comes from its privileged location on the coast, which makes of this place a hotspot for surfing, a water sport that has been in vogue for a few years now.Faced with the rise of this form of gliding and to respond to the influx of new practitioners and the growing demand for courses of all levels, several structures were created in Lacanau.Schools now offer various options, two of which are...

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