Surfing in Lacanau

Dec 15, 2017 Vacances à Lacanau

It is incontestable that a major part of Lacanau's reputation comes from its privileged location on the coast, which makes of this place a hotspot for surfing, a water sport that has been in vogue for a few years now.

Faced with the rise of this form of gliding and to respond to the influx of new practitioners and the growing demand for courses of all levels, several structures were created in Lacanau.

Schools now offer various options, two of which are particularly popular: the "discovery" method for surfing, and the 10- or 20-hour courses. Count a budget ranging from 30 to 300 euros, from the time of the course to the intensive course.

Historically, the Lacanau Surf Club is the first to offer courses and surf courses on the model already run in ski schools, with qualified instructors, the provision of adapted equipment, and insurance options to the map. This is where most of the trainees come from all over Europe.

Beyond the Surf Club, there are private facilities of different sizes in Lacanau: surf schools with several instructors and more family-oriented facilities with independent instructors such as Banana Surf School, Ocean Ride and Mana surf's cool.

The atmosphere of each school is different, and you can choose the one that fits you best in the list below:

Tengo frio Surf School

He is a former high level surfer, Geoffroy Henno, who offers surfing and stand up paddle lessons adapted to the age and level of the participants.

Banana Surf School

Located right on the seafront, Banana Surf School offers courses taught by a state-certified instructor, Aurélie, who is a real passionate about skiing. The atmosphere of the school is relaxed and friendly, and the Banana Surf Shop Café by Olivier and Marie adds to the relaxation of the spot.

Magic Surf School - Adrien Valero

This school is that of Adrien Valéro, surfer Pro Canaulais and competitor of high level, and graduate of state.

Ocean Ride

You will easily find Thibault, Damien and their team in their beachfront school on the South Beach, 200 meters from the center of the resort will receive you every day from April to November in their surf and bodyboard school. Beyond the school, you will find at Ocean Ride a snack and a surf camp.

Big Mama Surf School

For 10 years, Big Mama strives to give you happiness by providing quality surfing lessons on the beautiful North Beach. Romain and Adrien will welcome you with professionalism and good humor.