Holiday rentals in Gironde with My home in Lacanau

The website My home in Lacanau is exclusively dedicated to holiday rentals in Lacanau

Do you want to discover Lacanau, one of the French capitals of surfing? You will find on our website a wide range of properties for rent during the holidays or over a single weekend. An apartment in the city center, a house with sea views in Lacanau Océan, a villa with swimming pool near the lake ... At the foot of the waves or in the center: make your choice according to your desires!

We offer all types of vacation rentals in the three major areas that make up the town of Lacanau: Lacanau Océan, Lacanau Lac, and Lacanau Downtown. Staying in Lacanau gives you also the chance to discover the surrounding villages such as Hourtin and Carcans. For those, who are willing to drive a bite, Bordeaux is only 60 kilometres away!


Whether you are an owner wishing to place an ad on our websites or a tenant looking for a holiday home to spend your next vacation, we invite you to visit the various My Home In destinations! 

In which area of Lacanau would you like to find your holiday home?