Quality of the sea water in Lacanau

Swell, offshore wind, sandbanks, tunnel ... A terminology that is not new to surfers, who must know the sea and its specificities before setting off on the crests of the tumultuous waves of the ocean. What makes Lacanau famous from the point of view of surfing is not the width of its beaches or the quality of sunshine, but it is indeed the quality of the waves! With each passion its center of interest!

The first thing to know for a surfer is that the quality of the waves depends on the sandbanks. The latter delimit in fact small bays, called baines, which evolve constantly under the action of currents. It will then take a minimum of swell, zero wind or offshore (wind, east direction).

It is the shape and the dimensions of the sandbanks that will determine the quality and the length of the waves that you will be able to surf in Lacanau Ocean.

These banks evolve rapidly depending on the current, the swell and the wind. An excellent sandbank can change shape, and the waves can disappear or appear in the course of a tide or under the action of a large swell.

Depending on the tide it is necessary to know which sandbank "works" as well as the direction and size of the swell. You will need to learn about these elements because in summer, when the swell is small or zero, you have to jump on the few moments of the day that will be conducive to sliding, so that you can soak everything up like a sponge.