Surfing spots Lacanau

- La Barrière : this spot takes its name from the forest barrier that blocks access to the track. There are waves for everyone, and the slogans are conviviality and sharing. Here, if a spike is already used by four or five surfers, choose  another one which is just nearby.

- Le Lion : accessible by car and bike, this quiet site offers a multitude of changing spots. The waves are usually filled with people in front of the aid post, and you can look for more tranquility on the sides.

- Jah Point : this spot takes its name from a surfer from the 80s who had established his surfing place. The waves are changing, rather favorable at high tide. The general atmosphere is quiet.

- L’ Ecureuil ( The Squirrel) : from the name of the street that leads to that place. It is located close to the accommodations, therefore it is the general rule to surf here respecting the premises. Give priority to sharing, you will be better adopted. You can access to L’Ecureuil by car or bike.

- La Sud : as the name suggests, this spot is located to the south of Lacanau. Beware of the current on the side of the south dike. The South Beach shelters many surf schools, therefore safety is the watchword of the area. In addition, the atmosphere is rather overpopulated, so for the more experienced, prefer other spots thare are more quiet.

- La Centrale : this is the spot located on the central beach of Lacanau. You will often find a a peak right in front of the aid post, and a right-left peak in front of the north dike. The areas are fairly stable because the sand is fixed by dikes. Like the South, the atmosphere is rather teeming, and many beginners throw themselves into the water here. Vigilance, vigilance.

- La Nord : here you will find a local atmosphere and good level of surfing, in front of the Lacanau Surf Club-Banana Surf Shop Café, where a long straight line is often set up that runs off to the edge.

- L’ Alexandre : this spot is only accessible on foot or by bike. Here, conviviality and sharing are in the spotlight, the waves are for everyone, and there is a quiet surf, far from the bustle of the Central or South