Going out in Lacanau

The lively and moving reputation of Lacanau in summer is not something new ... The resort is very so much appreciated by young people and surfers, and the air of the sea invites to the party. Lacanau Océan is decorated as soon as the sun sets, and before the pre - drink dinner! In a generally relaxed atmosphere, you will find in Lacanau many places to have a drink, to have dinner, or to dance to the rhythm of the DJ's inspiration.

Start with an aperitif at the Mulligan's Terrace: you can benefit from happy hour watching the sunset over the ocean, and stomping to the rhythm of live music. Then, you can choose to dine on the terrace of La Favela, to the sound of Latin music, and accompany your tapas with colorful cocktails, or opt for a cozy and warm atmosphere, around dinner aperitif, at Vint'age they will serve you wine, oysters, cooked meats, cheese plates and excellent sandwiches.

In order to continue the evening around a good mojito, after that why don’t you join the Payotte Havana on the seafront : here you will find a relaxed atmosphere with a background of Latin music … Even for sometimes you can let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere and let you go to dance the salsa on the terrace, facing the sea ... Good memories on the horizon! For a more confined atmosphere, you can go to the Modjo, where the crowd is getting together for a drink and on the dance floor ... The atmosphere is festive and it is maintained all the evening by the barmaids which contribute to ignite the bar. Divided into several spaces (mezzanine, square Vip, 6 bars), the Modjo also has a large terrace upstairs for sea air, and DJ sets are available from 22h to 6h in the morning. Here it is not necessary to be a  faint - hearted party animal: we are here to live it up until the end of the night!

For a more chic atmosphere among the pines, you can choose to spend the evening at the Casino Lacanau: a large games room with 75 slot machines, a roulette, 2 poker tables and a black jack … There is enough to keep you busy  ! You will be able to dine in the restaurant "Win", in the tendency spirit, and where chef invites you to the trip with a kitchen with topic.